Getting Started with cocoNFT

👋 Welcome to cocoNFT! We're excited for you to start selling your Instagram posts into NFTs.

There are no upfront fees to use cocoNFT. We get paid when you successfully sell an NFT. We collect a 5% royalty on initial and future sales. Rarible, our marketplace partner also takes 2.5% as a service fee. Royalties for creators are set at 10%. You can learn more about our fees and more in our FAQ here.

Below are instructions on how to get started and use cocoNFT at this stage:

Using cocoNFT from Desktop:

  1. Get Started
    Go to and click the "Get Started for Free" button

  2. Create Account
    The video on the right will show you what it takes to get started with cocoNFT. Select the "Create account" button to continue.

  3. Log In
    Log in to cocoNFT using your crypto wallet. Select Metamask or Torus as your wallet. If you don't have one yet, you can create a Metamask wallet here. You can also sign up via Facebook or Googleto create your crypto wallet with Torus. For this tutorial, we'll be showing Metamask

  4. Connect Your Wallet
    Once you select your wallet you'll then be prompted to authenticate with your wallet. Follow the prompt from your wallet.

  5. Review and agree to the terms
    Please review the cocoNFT Terms and Conditions. Once you do that, accept the terms and acknowledge that you're at least 18 years old. Then press continue

  6. Connect Instagram
    Connect your Instagram account by following the instructions from Instagram.

    Please Note: Only 1 Instagram account can be connected to a wallet address at this time so please ensure you connect the right Instagram account to your wallet. 

  7.  Select your post to share
    At this stage, you will select the first of your Instagram posts you want to make available as an NFT.

  8. Name your post
    Give your post a good name! 

  9. Set the price and sign your post
    Once you select your post, you'll set the price in Ethereum. Once you do that you'll need to confirm the details and then sign your NFT twice. The first one is to upload your post. The second one is to list it for sale. You'll need to submit both transactions to list your post as NFT for sale.

    Please Note: This transaction should not cost any gas fees! That's the power of cocoNFT. You can see the fees for cocoNFT here.

  10. Viewing your profile
    After you mint your NFT you'll be taken to your profile. From here you can view the posts you've made available, share your profile URL, and add additional posts. You can also add a bio for your profile and add your email address to your account.

  11. Adding more Posts
    Once you add your first post, you'll likely want to make more posts available as NFTs. To do so, go to your profile and select the "+ Create" button. Then follow the same steps from steps 7 - 10 again. You can repeat this process for every post you want to make available as an NFT

  12. Personalizing your Rarible Profile

    All cocoNFT posts get shared to the Rarible marketplace. A personalized Rarible profile provides a better experience for collectors who might be looking to purchase a piece from you. It's easy and free to personalize your profile so it's a great step for all beginners. This guide walks you through the steps.

  13. Buying a post on cocoNFT
    Select the post on a user's profile you want to buy. From there you'll see more details about the post. You can click on the Instagram icon to be taken to the post on Instagram directly to ensure it's the right post you're intending to purchase from the right creator.

    Select the "Buy Now" button where you can purchase the NFT. Here you can press the buy button and go through the checkout flow

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