How is cocoNFT free to get started with?

cocoNFT uses technology from the Rarible protocol called "lazy minting." We prefer to call it "gasless minting" because we know creators aren't lazy! What it does is enables us to create posts that are listed for sale as NFTs but not entirely stored on the blockchain until they're sold. This is an important part as usually the up-front cost to creators occurs when you first create an NFT. With cocoNFT, you can get started for free and the costly part of the blockchain process (gas fees) only happens when the post is sold. This means the buyer will pay that fee instead of the creator.

It's also important to note that cocoNFT does charge a service fee on NFTs created through the platform. This fee only occurs when a post is sold. You can learn more about fees to use cocoNFT here.

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