How To Set Up Collab Land with an NFT made on cocoNFT

Collab.Land is a great tool to help gate membership to roles in your Discord to owners of a specific NFT. What this article will help with is only the steps to set up the role itself.

Step 0: Start with Collab Land's documentation

You should follow Collab Land's official setup guide here.  Before you proceed you should have: 

✅ Installed
✅ A specific role you want to grant
✅ At least one gated channel
✅ The link to the NFT you want to use as the key

1. Get the Token ID and the Contract Address
First, we're going to need the Token ID and the Contract Address for the NFT you want to use as the key. To do this, visit your NFT on Rarible. The contract Address is the first string of numbers and letters after token/ in the URL. The Token ID is the second string of just numbers that appears after the colon in the URL after the Token ID.

For example, in this URL:

Contract Address: 0x3deb701b7f157f95f72fb1fcead7a3248a50549e

Token ID: 32063401324502934046821471988112696869867397579386341091165772553707419860993

2. Go to the collabland-config channel. 
This is usually going to be in the top of your channel list.

3. Type !setup role

Simply type !setup role in the channel

4. Select 1️⃣ for Mainnet

As you'll see in the screenshot above a new set of options appear. From here, you'll want to select Mainnet since NFTs on cocoNFT are made on the Ethereum Mainnet. 

5. Select ⚖️ for ERC-1155
n the new options that appear, you'll want to select the option for ERC-1155 since the NFTs made with cocoNFT are that type. 

6. Construct your membership

While the message here might seem a bit complicated, it's not! All you need to do is use the Token ID and Contract Address you have from above and construct the permission. Then you'll paste it here and you're done! 

To construct your membership there are just 5 parts: 
<ERC-1155 token contract address> = This is the Contract Address from Step 1

<Minimum number of tokens> = This is the # of editions for the NFT the user should own to get membership access. If your NFT is a 1/1 make this 1. 

<Maximum number of tokens(-1 for no limit)> = This is the maximum # of editions of the NFT a user can own to still be eligible for membership. For unlimited use -1.

<token_id> = This is the Token ID from Step 1

<@DiscordRole> = This is the handle for the role you created for this membership. 

When you construct your message you'll want to have this all written out without those less-than < and greater-than > symbols. 

For example: Here is how it would look if you wanted to give any member who holds this specific NFT the role of "superstar" with a minimum of 1 edition and no maximum editions: 

0x3deb701b7f157f95f72fb1fcead7a3248a50549e 1 -1 32063401324502934046821471988112696869867397579386341091165772553707419860993 @superstar

7. Confirm Membership

You should receive a message like this confirming your role. You don't need to do anything else if it works! If you have an error review the steps again. Collab Land also has documentation and a support channel here

8. (Optional) Adding more NFTs to the membership role

Perhaps you want to add more NFTs to the membership role since you want a collector who holds any of your cocoNFT pieces to get the role and you have multiple NFTs. To do this, you can repeat the steps over and over again and just update the Contract Address and Token ID. It's worth noting that the Contract Address is the same for all cocoNFT users.

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