How do I edit/remove an NFT

Posts listed for sale through cocoNFT are created through the Rarible protocol using Lazy Minting. This means the posts are created by Rarible and displayed on cocoNFT. Currently, it is not possible to edit or delete (also called "Burn") a lazy minted NFT. So please create NFTs carefully.

There are a few options available to you if you would like to remove your NFT for sale, hide it from appearing on cocoNFT and on Rarible, and/or have the data associated with the post deleted. We go into details for each of these options below:

Hiding a Post on your cocoNFT Profile:
This will remove the post from appearing on Please note, the post will still be available on To remove from sale or hide it from Rarible as well please see the sections below. To hide a post from appearing on your cocoNFT profile do this:

  1. Please send us an email to with the subject "Remove a post from my cocoNFT profile" and include a link to the specific post you want to remove along with your Instagram username and Ethereum wallet address. You can click this link for an email template.

Hiding a Post on Rarible Profile:
There is the option there to hide an NFT you own from your Rarible profile. 

  1. To do this go to
  2. Login with the same crypto wallet you used to sign in to cocoNFT. If you used Facebook, please select the Torus wallet and sign in with the same Facebook account.
  3. In the top right select your profile and then select "My Items" (Screenshot)
  4. Select the "Owned" tab on your profile (Screenshot)
  5. Find the NFT you want to remove and select the 3 dots in the top right. (Screenshot)
  6. Select the "Hide from owned" button. (Screenshot)
  7. This will pop open a window with your crypto wallet asking you to confirm the transaction. Please note: this transaction should not cost you anything to do. (Screenshot)
  8. The hidden NFT will now be shown under the "hidden" tab on your Rarible account. (Screenshot)

Remove from Sale:
To remove it from being for sale on Rarible and cocoNFT you need to so on To do so, go to, log in with the same wallet you use with cocoNFT, and then select "My Items." Then click the 3 dots in the top right of the post you want to "Remove from sale." Then select the "remove from sale" button and confirm the transaction in your crypto wallet. 

Since sales occur on, Removing a post from sale on Rarible will automatically remove it from being able to be sold through cocoNFT. 

Please note that removing an NFT for sale does require you to pay some gas fees in Ethereum. We're working with Rarible to make this possible without paying gas fees. Please upvote this feature request if you'd like to be notified when it's available:

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